Triphosgene CAS 32315-10-9

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Chemical Name: Triphosgene

CAS No.: 32315-10-9

Molecular Fomula: C3Cl6O3

Molecular weight: 296.75

Appearance: white crystal

Assay: 99.5%

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    Product Name: TriphosgeneTriphosgen; triphosgene; bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate; carbonic acid bistrichlor methyl ester; bis-(trichloromethyl)-carbonat; methanol, trichloro-, carbonate (2:1); btc)

    CAS No.: 32315-10-9

    Molecular Fomula: C3Cl6O3

    Molecular weight: 296.75

    Appearance: white crystal

    chemical BTC

    Triphosgene Typical Properties

    Item Specifications
    Appearance White crystal
    Assay % ≥99.5
    Melting point (ºC) 79-81
    Loss on drying % ≤0.5
    Ignition residue % ≤0.1

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    Triphosgene Usage

    As a substitute product of the highly toxic phosgene and diphosgene in the synthesis, the product has low toxicity, safe and convenient use, mild reaction conditions, good selectivity and high yield.
    For the synthesis of chloroformate, isocyanate, polycarbonate and acid chloride,Various isocyanates can be prepared by carbonylation of phosgene with primary amine, but side reactions often occur because phosgene is difficult to measure accurately. Triphosgene is a solid, which can be measured accurately, and triphosgene is used to replace phosgene, which greatly improves its safety, so it can safely replace phosgene. The reaction of Triphosgene with amine compounds is a widely used field. The reaction has strong selectivity. Some functional groups do not need protection, and can directly produce isocyanates, urea and other compounds. Various isocyanates can be synthesized by carbonylation reaction of Triphosgene and various primary amines. The target product can be obtained by accurately controlling the ratio of Triphosgene and amine without by-products. For example, 2,4-dimethyldiisocyanate (TDI) can be synthesized by the reaction of Triphosgene with chemical book 2,4-Diaminotoluene; Triphosgene reacts with 4,4 ‘- diaminodiphenylmethane to produce 4,4′ – diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI); Sodium hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) can be produced by triphosgene and hexamethylene diamine. In the carbonylation reaction of BTC, cyclization condensation reaction can also be carried out. Triphosgene is widely used in this kind of reaction, which can be used to prepare n-carbonyl anhydride, various important heterocyclic compounds and cyclic carbonate compounds. The former can be used to prepare active amino acids and polypeptide compounds, and the latter can be used to prepare various pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.


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