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Product: Piperazine

CAS Number:110-85-0

Characteristics: White crystalline or solid flake

Molecular Formula:C4H10N2

Structure Formula:

Piperazine Anhydrous formula


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    Piperazine anhydrous

    Product Name: Piperazine

    Synonyms:Piperazine Anhydrate,Piperazine anhydrous,Diethylene diamine,1,4-Diazacyclohexane,piperazinediium

    CAS Number:110-85-0

    Characteristics: White or colorless needle like crystalline powder.

    Molecular Formula:C4H10N2

    Structure Formula:

    Piperazine Anhydrous formula


    Package: 25kg/50kg/Fiber Drum

    Physicochemical properties:

    Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 30.3/111℃ Flash point (℃): 107(O.C)Solubility: Soluble in water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, slightly soluble in benzene and ethyl ether.Chemical properties: Combustion can give off toxic nitric oxide gas. Corrosive.

    Uses:  Pharmaceutical intermediate, mainly used in the production of piperazine phosphate, piperazine citrate, bucinnazine, and rifampicin

    Piperazine hexahydrate was dissolved in ethanol, and then cooled with glacial acetic acid. Piperazine Anhydrous was used to synthesize prednisone sodium phosphate, too. The synthesis of acepiprazine, the intermediate of the insect repellent piperazole, by the reaction of Piperazine Anhydrous with acetic anhydride.


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