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Product Name: N-Methylbenzamide

CAS: 613-93-4

Appearance: White Crystalline


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    1. What’s  N-Methylbenzamide?


    N-methylbenzamide is an effective phosphodiesterase 10A (pde10a) inhibitor. N-methylbenzamide has anticancer activity.PDE10A is a recently identified phosphodiesterase with a quite remarkable localization since the protein is abundant only in brain tissue. Based on this unique localization, research has focused extensively on using PDE10A modulators as a novel therapeutic approach for dysfunction in the basal ganglia circuit including Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia, addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder. Medicinal chemistry efforts identified the N-methyl-N-[4-(quinolin-2-ylmethoxy)-phenyl]-isonicotinamide as a nanomolar PDE10A inhibitor. A subsequent Lead-optimization program identified analogous N-methylanilides and their corresponding N-methylbenzamide as potent PDE10A inhibitors, concurrently some interesting and unexpected binding modes were identified.



    Melting point 76-78 ° C

    Boiling point 167 ° C

    Density 1.1031

    Refractive index 1.5589

    Storage conditions sealed dry, room temperature

    Solubility ethanol: soluble 50mg / ml,water solubility:Insoluble in Water

    CAS: 613-93-4

    Appearance: White Crystalline


    2. Main application

    Inhibitor, anticancer,organic synthesis intermediate,laboratories chemicals

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    Eye Contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

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    Ingestion: Clean mouth with water. Get medical attention.

    Most important symptoms and effects: No information available.

    Self-Protection of the First Aider: No special precautions required.

    Notes to Physician: Treat symptomatically.

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    Road and Rail Transport : Not Regulated

    IMDG/IMO : Not regulated

    IATA : Not regulated

    Special Precautions for User: No special precautions required

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