Benzanilide N-Phenylbenzamide N-Benzoylaniline manufacturers in china CAS 93-98-1

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Product Name: Benzanilide

Purity: 98 %

CAS Number: 93-98-1

Formula: C6H5CONHC6H5

Formula Weight: 197.23

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    BENZANILIDE Chemical Properties
    • Melting point:161-163 °C(lit.)
    • Boiling point:117 °C10 mm Hg(lit.)
    • Density 1,315 g/cm3
    • refractive index 1.6050 (estimate)
    • Flash point:117°C/10mm
    • storage temp. Store below +30°C.
    • solubility H2O: insoluble
    • pka13.52±0.70(Predicted)
    • form Powder
    • Colour Index  42095
    • color Grayish to yellow-green
    • Water Solubility Insoluble


    Method of production:

    It is obtained by the reaction of aniline with benzoic acid. The dried benzoic acid and freshly evaporated aniline were reacted at 180-190 ℃ for 2h, and then the temperature was increased to 225 ℃. At the beginning, water is evaporated in the reaction process, then aniline is evaporated, and finally all the fractions are evaporated. The fraction evaporated after 255 ℃ is cooled, solidified and ground to obtain purple gray crude product. The crude product is washed with dilute hydrochloric acid to remove the remaining aniline, washed with water, and then added with sodium hydroxide solution to remove the remaining benzoic acid. Finally, the refined product is obtained by washing, filtering, drying and recrystallization with ethanol.



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