Monoethanolamine factory in china CAS 141-43-5

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    Monoethanolamine factory in china

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    Physical Property:

    It is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid with ammonia smell at room temperature.

    Boiling point: 170 ℃ under normal pressure

    Freezing point: 10.5 ℃,

    Strong hygroscopicity, fully soluble in water and ethanol.


    chemical property:

    Because ethanolamine has hydroxyl and amino functional groups in its molecular formula, it has the properties of amine and alcohol, and can react with acids to produce esters, amide salts, etc.

    Quality index:


    Purity (wt%) ≥ 99.5

    Moisture (wt%) ≤ 0.4

    Platinum cobalt color number ≤ 15

    Appearance  clear and transparent



    Monoethanolamine is one of the basic chemical raw materials. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to synthesize l-cysteamine hydrochloride, taurine, anti infective drugs such as furazolidone, morpholine biguanide, ketoconazole, anti parasitic drug tetraimidazole and cardiovascular system drug Pansheng, etc; Synthesis of olaquindox in veterinary medicine industry; It is used to synthesize polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), ethylene imine and polyethylene imine; Synthesis of fine chemical raw material ethylenediamine; Fluorescent brightener in textile industry; Synthesis of advanced dyes in dyeing and chemical industry; Neutralizer in rubber industry and oil black industry; It is also used in the manufacture of surfactants, antirust agents, cleaning agents, preservatives and paints.



    Net weight: 210kg / barrel


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