Thiourea CAS 62-56-6 Thiourea manufacturer in china

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Product: Thiourea

CAS: 62-56-6


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    Thiourea  CAS 62-56-6 Thiourea manufacturer in china


    Chemical name: Thiourea

    Content: 99%

    Executive standard: HG/T3266-2002

    Thiourea Packaging: Packed in polyethylene film bags, covered with polypropylene woven bags, each weighing 25kg net.

    Thiourea Physical and Chemical Properties: White, glossy, clean crystal, bitter taste, decomposable when heated, soluble in water, and able to form complex compounds with many metals and inorganic salts..


    Thiourea Usage: Used as an intermediate for thiazole drugs (such as sulfathiazole, Quchongjin) and the production of thyroid disease inhibiting drugs, and to prepare methylthiourea (thiourea peroxide) as a bleaching agent, dyeing assistant, and antioxidant in the textile industry; Used in printing paper, with the advantages of clear blue lines and not easy to fade; In photography, as a stabilizer of developing or fixing lotion; Used to refine gold, instead of toxic cyanide, for use in the electroplating industry. Adding thiourea to electroplating baths for copper or barium plating can homogenize metal deposition, improve the stability of the electroplating solution, and ensure a uniform and glossy surface of the plated piece; Used for cleaning dirt in high-pressure boilers; Thiourea can be used as a nitrogen fertilizer synergist, and can also be used to control citrus mildew and inhibit the germination period of potatoes.

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    White crystalline





    Loss on drying



    Water-insoluble matter



    Ignition residue



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