Povidone Iodine powder manufacturer PVP-I CAS 25655-41-8 in china

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Product:Povidone Iodine powder



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    Povidone Iodine powder manufacturer in china CAS 25655-41-8 for pharmaceutical use

    guanlang group

    Povidone Iodine

    Product Name:Povidone Iodine


    Apperance:  Red-Brown,Crystalline Powder

    Assay:   Available Iodine 9%~12%

    Appearance Red-Brown,Crystalline Powder
    Identification A,B(USP26)
    Available Iodine % 9.0-12.0
    Residue on Ignition           <% 0.1
    Loss On Drying            <% 8.0
    Heavy Metal(As Lead))           <ppm 20
    Iodine Ion  <% 6.6
    Nitrogen         % 11.5-12.8


    1).   Broad-spectrum germicidal action.

    2).   Skin and equipment disinfectant before injection or surgery.

    3).   Anti-infection treatment for oral, gynecological, surgical, skin, etc.

    4).   Disinfects family tableware and apparatus.

    5).   Sterilizes, disinfects in the foodstuff industry,breeding   aquatics,  animal diseases.

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