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Product:Phosphorus pentachloride



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    We are one of the leading phosphorus pentachloride manufacturers and exporters in china CAS 10026-13-8

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    Product name: phosphorus pentachloride

    Molecular formula: PCl5

    Molecular weight:208.24

    CAS No. 10026-13-8

    Content,% ≥99.5

    Phosphorus trichloride content,% ≤0.05

    Physico properties: White or light yellow orthorhombic crystal, with pungent smell, easy to sublimate, relative density (water = 1) 3.60, soluble in carbon disulfide and ferric chloride. It decomposes violently or even burns and explodes in water to produce hydrogen chloride, phosphorus oxide and phosphine, which strongly stimulates eyes.

    Application:Used As chlorinating agent, catalyst and dehydrating agent in organic synthesis, it is not only the raw material for the production of medicine, dyes, chemicals and fibers, but also the raw material for the production of chlorinated phosphonitrile and phosphoryl chloride.

    Packing: Packed in dry and airtight glass containers or plastic drums.

    Phosphorus Pentachloride

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