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Product: Lead Acetate

CAS: 6080-56-4/301-04-2


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    ASSAY%≥ 99 99.5
    WATER INSOLUBLE% ≤ 0.005 0.002
    CL% ≤ ≤0.005 0.002
    F% ≤ ≤0.001 0.000064
    Na≤ ≤0.005 0.00085
    K%≤ ≤0.005 0.000027
    N%≤ ≤0.001 0.0008
    Ca%≤ ≤0.005 0.00015
    CU% ≤ ≤0.001 0.000031

    Lead acetate trihydrate is colorless crystal, white particle or powder, deliquescent. Soluble in water, with sweet taste. Lead acetate trihydrate is used to manufacture various lead salts, pigments, dyes, lead plating, polyester catalyst, waterproof paint, desiccant, insecticide and medicine.

    Lead acetate Usage:

    1.Used as pigments, stabilizers and catalysts. This product can be used to prepare various lead salts, antifouling coatings, water quality protectants, pigment fillers, coating desiccants, fiber colorants, and solvents for heavy metal cyanidation process.

    2.Widely used in the industrial production of medical chemicalbook drugs, pesticides, dyes, coatings, etc.

    3.Used as a reagent for determining chromium trioxide and molybdenum trioxide in chemical analysis. Uses: used as analytical reagent

    4.Used in biological dyeing, organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry

    Lead acetate transportation information:

    UN: 1616  Class: 6.1 PG:Ⅲ

    HS Code: 2915299023

    Hazardous characteristics

    It can burn in case of open fire. It is decomposed by high heat to release toxic gas.

    Harmful combustion products

    Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, lead oxide.

    Fire extinguishing method 

    Firefighters must wear gas masks and full body fire suits to extinguish the fire in the upwind direction. Extinguishing agent: mist water, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.

    Emergency treatment

    Isolate the leakage contaminated area and restrict access. Cut off the fire source. It is recommended that emergency treatment personnel wear dust masks (full masks) and gas suits. Collect with a clean shovel in a dry, clean and covered container and transfer to a safe place. It can also be washed with a large amount of water, diluted with washing water and then put into the wastewater system. If there is a large amount of leakage, it shall be collected and recycled or transported to the waste treatment site for disposal.

    Precautions for operation

    Closed operation, local exhaust. Operators must receive special training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear self-priming filter type dust mask, chemical safety protective glasses, anti poison penetration work clothes and rubber gloves. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation system and equipment. Avoid dust generation. Avoid contact with acids and bases. Handle with care to prevent damage to the package and container. Fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment of corresponding varieties and quantities shall be provided. Emptied containers may contain harmful substances.

    Storage precautions

    Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat source. It shall be stored separately from acids and alkalis, and mixed storage shall not be allowed. Fire fighting equipment of corresponding varieties and quantities shall be provided. The storage area shall be equipped with appropriate materials to contain the leakage.

    Lead acetate trihydrate

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