Disinfectant Chemicals Clo2 Tablet Cas 10049-04-4 Chlorine Dioxide Tablet

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Product Name: Chlorine dioxide
CAS: 10049-04-4
MF: ClO2
MW: 67.45

Keyworod:chlorine dioxide disinfectant
EINECS: 233-162-8

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    Chlorine Dioxide Tablet

    It is effective oxidant oxidizer and disinfectant,including bromo and chloro’s advantage,with high stabilization,light odor,slow release,long efficient,can be widely used
    1.Sterilization for swimming pool and tap water
    2.Sterilization for aquaculture
    3.Sterilization for industrial water
    4.Sterilization of environment for hotel,hospital and other public places.
    chlorine dioxide disinfectant Application
    Application Occasion
    Processing time
    Disinfect tap water, drinking water and production water
    0.5-1 mg/L
    Downstream injection,Blending
    Disinfect and sterilize the public space and production place
    1000 mg/L
    Work clothes, work cap, towel, production equipment supplies disinfection
    100 mg/L
    Dip in
    Operators’ hand sterilization
    100 mg/L
    Dip in
    Disinfect machinery, equipment, tools, pipes and packages
    150 mg/L
    Dip in
    Showering and cleaning disinfection of fruits, vegetables and meat products
    50 mg/L
    Dip in or Spray
    Aquatic products, meat products, canned products, pickles, mushroom etc.
    200 mg/L
    Dip in or Spray

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    Clo2 Tablet

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