Is NMN safe? Can it be used for long-term?

NMN is a very popular anti-aging substance in recent years, but it has been less than five years since it really entered the public eye.
Many people worry that it is unsafe to take NMN for a long time, and some people think that the claimed effect of NMN only stays at the stage of animal experiments and is not a qualified magic drug. NMN China, as the most comprehensive, objective and fair NMN popular science platform, summarizes this:
1. NMN is an endogenous substance in the body, which is ubiquitous in the body, all the time; and it is the coenzyme NAD+ that directly plays a role after supplementing with NMN, and the coenzyme NAD+ plays a catalytic role in the human body, not directly Reactant.
2.NMN is also present in many natural foods. We can easily consume NMN by simply supplementing instead of taking health products. Foods rich in NMN:
3. The most direct evidence to verify the safety of NMN is experiment.
In an animal experiment conducted by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University, mice took NMN for one year, and their age-related physiological function decline and metabolic loss were significantly improved without any obvious side effects.
In human clinical trials, although the four currently registered cases have not disclosed detailed experimental data, two trials have passed Phase I clinical trials, and Phase II clinical trials have started early.
Phase I is usually a safety study. NMN can pass the Phase I clinical trial and enter Phase II, and its safety and tolerability to humans have been preliminarily verified. Shinkowa’s interim research report also promotes the “effectiveness” of NMN. A step away.
NMN is food, not medicine
NAD+ is also called Coenzyme I, and its full name is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It exists in every cell and participates in thousands of cellular reactions. NAD+ is an important coenzyme for energy metabolism of many aerobic organisms including humans, promotes the metabolism of sugar, fat, and amino acids, and participates in many important cellular processes as a signal molecule.”NMN itself does not have anti-aging effects, but it is the most direct precursor compound of NAD+. A number of animal experiments in the United States, Japan and other countries have confirmed that NAD+ can delay aging and prevent dementia and other neuronal diseases. , And thereby regulate and improve various symptoms of aging.” According to He Qiyang, vice chairman of the Nutritional Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Education Association and an anti-aging expert, as the age increases, the NAD+ content in the human body will gradually decrease. NMN can effectively increase and restore NAD+ levels in the body.He Qiyang introduced that because the NAD+ molecule is relatively large, it is difficult for the NAD+ supplemented directly from the outside to penetrate the cell membrane to enter the cell to participate in the biological reaction, while the NMN molecule is small and easily penetrates the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, two NMN molecules will combine to form one NAD+ molecule. “NMN itself is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and it also exists in many natural foods, so it is very safe.”

“Many publicity now refers to NMN as an “old medicine”, and the capital market also classifies NMN as a medical concept, which has caused some misleading to the public. In fact, NMN is currently sold as a dietary supplement in the market.”

Post time: Sep-02-2020