A Generally view of Boric Acid

First of all, what is boric acid?

Boric acid is a kind ofindustrial raw material, which is white powder. flakes also can offered, It is an important industrial raw material for

making glass, ceramics and pesticide. In our daily life, the probability of contact with it is very small, we can often see pesticides, pesticides in the ingredient list of it. Although we can see its name in some pesticides, but there are a lot of harmful ingredients in pesticides, sprayed more can not only pollute the air, sprayed indoors more smell is not easy to dissipate,

causing physical discomfort. So the following methods of killing

cockroaches with boric acid are not only efficient but also healthy.

The role of boric acid powder is mainly disinfection, sterilization,

antipruritic boric acid powder is a medicinal effect of a chemical

substance, its appearance is generally white powder, often used as

external medicine, it plays an important role in making antiseptic. It can

also be used externally to treat infant ECZEMA or as a disinfectant.

There are good medical uses for it. Judging from the national boric acid

price today, the national boric acid price today is about 6000 Yuan/ton.

The highest price of boric acid was 6000.01 Yuan/ton, and the lowest

price of boric acid was 5999.99 Yuan/ton. The difference was about 0.02 Yuan/ton. The price of boric acid was 6000 Yuan/ton yesterday,
The price of boric acid rose sharply in March, April and May, eaching a maximum of 9000 yuan/ton ,The price of boric acid decreased slightly in June and July, In August, the price of boric acid began to rise

slowly again.

Post time: Sep-02-2020