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Product name:Talc Powder
Magnesium oxide(%):≥30


CAS No:14807-96-6

talc powder from 325 mesh ~ 3000 mesh

Package Type:25 KGS/Bag ; 50 KGS/Bag; 500 KGS/Bag or 1000 KGS/Bag

Usage:Pharmacy tablet etc

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    Item No. Test Item Test results
    1 Appearance White powder
    2 Whiteness % 93.5
    3 PH Value 9
    4 SiO2 % 42
    5 CaO % 0.3
    6 MgO %  31.5
    7 Al2O3  % 0.6
    8 Fe2O3 % 0.3
    9 Loss on ignition % 18
    10 Screen Pass Rate(45 um) 0.7 %
    11 Oil Absorption 35 g/100g
    12 D50 18 um

    1.Chemical grade Talc

    Application: Used in rubber, plastic, paint and other chemical industries as a filler for strengthening and upgrading.Features: increase the stability of product shape, increase the tensile strength, shear strength, winding strength, pressure strength, reduce deformation, elongation, coefficient of thermal expansion, high whiteness, particle size uniformity and strong dispersion characteristics.

    2.Ceramic grade Talc

    Purpose: Used for manufacturing high frequency porcelain, radio electric porcelain, various industrial ceramics, architectural ceramics, daily-use ceramics and ceramic glaze.Features: no discoloration at high temperature, enhanced whiteness after forging and burning, uniform density, good luster and smooth surface.
    3.Cosmetics grade Talc

    Application: It is a high quality filler in cosmetic industry.Features: High silicon content.It has the effect of blocking infrared ray, so enhance the cosmetics bask in and anti-infrared ray performance.

    4.Medical food grade Talc

    USES: Used as additive in medicine and food industry.Features: non-toxic, tasteless, high degree of white, good tolerance, strong glossiness, taste soft, smooth characteristics.PH value of 7-9, will not degrade the characteristics of the original product.

    5.Papermaking grade Talc

    Usage: Used in various grade papermaking products.Characteristics: Papermaking powder has the characteristics of high whiteness, stable particle size and low abrasion.The paper produced by using this powder can achieve paper smoothness, exquisite, save raw materials, improve the service life of grease mesh.

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